Saturday 2nd May saw us screen the Elvis Presley movie, ‘Loving You’ at the ‘50s Atmoic Festival in Northampton.

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We were privileged to return to Atomic Festival in 2015 and provide our 40ft x 20ft AIRSCREEN at one of our favourite events of the year. Atomic is a trip down memory lane for all 50’s fanatics with a wide range of authentic events happening throughout the day. Nostalgia is in the air with roller-skating, 1950’s cars, a wall of death, drag racing and many more activities for punters to attend.

One particular highlight was the airshow with a Jet Provost air display of crazy flying! Witnessing the high-risk maneuver’s from the danger-seeking pilot gave all attendees something to gasp and cheer at. There are also plenty of activities for those who seek something a little less dangerous, a good old fashioned Helter Skelter and Mini Golf meant that families could keep their young ones entertained.

The 1950’s American vehicles were lined up in abundance to witness our fantastic cinema experience of ‘Loving You’ featuring ‘50s legend, Elvis Presley. The screening was a huge success, the Atomic audience were entertained to a night of singing and dancing from ‘The King’. The soundtrack for the film came from our FM Transmitter and played through all the car stereos, meaning not only did everyone get a fantastic view of the film but they could listen to soundtrack from the comfort of their own car. Fortunately for all other attendees who hadn’t parked up, we also used our HK Linear Pro sound system so they could just pitch a seat and enjoy the film.

Atomic Festival

As well as various activities the Atomic attendees could visit many tents which sold 50’s memorabilia such as vintage American signs, movie posters and even official ‘50s records. In the surrounding tents the festival-goers could purchase brand new 50’s attire and get their selvage denim with the traditionally large turn-ups.

There truly is no other event quite like Atomic, as it provides a source of entertainment for everyone in attendance, with a huge range of top quality 50’s nostalgia there for everyone to experience.

We’re looking to attending the event yet again next year and catching up with all the great people involved.

Find our full photo album on our facebook page and see what the event had to offer with our official recap video below.



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