Outdoor Cinema With Laser Technology

Our new fleet of projectors gives Urban Entertainment the ability to host an outdoor cinema with laser technology and stand out in this ever expanding industry.

The key benefit to our laser projectors (Christie D13HD-HS), especially in the outdoors is the high light output produced (13000 ANSI lumens). Accompanied by a super short throw lens is perfect for those early summer start times as the image would normally be washed out by all the ambient light.

Outdoor Cinema With Laser Technology – Christie D13HD-HS

Outdoor Cinema With Laser Technology Makes its debut


  • High-quality, brighter images
  • Smooth, seamless content
  • Unparalleled color reproduction
  • Quick, easy warping and blending
  • Stable, consistent performance – 24/7
  • Long life
  • Easy to handle and install with a lightweight, compact design
  • Loop through capability


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