Movie Park welcomes Vincent, Jules, Mia and Marsellus as film fans from Sheffield head to Milton Street for a night of Pulp Fiction under the stars.

Urban Entertainment Drive in Cinema


Movie Park made it’s Sheffield return this month and followed up its impressive Grease debut with a screening of Quentin Tarantino’s cult classic, Pulp Fiction. On Sunday 31st May film fans fled to Milton Street Car Park to watch the iconic picture on our outdoor cinema system.

Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield welcomed Sheffield’s fans to watch Pulp Fiction on our 24ft x 13.5ft AIRSCREEN. Our FM transmitter was in place so punters could experience the soundtrack in the warmth via their car radio.

Once again we got to experience delicious food from the lovely Percy & Lily’s, and great coffee from Cafeology. Percy & Lily offered up a Big Kahuna Burger and a Nacho Royale, whilst providing you with the perfect desert in a Honey Bunny doughnut.



The weather held out, the sun was shining and despite a brief shower the sky was lit with a glorious rainbow as punters got to experience our very own personal Quentin Tarantino Soundtrack in the build up to the movie. Tracks from every Tarantino movie were played as the movie park attendees got in the spirit for Jack Rabbit Slims Twist Contest.

There is nothing quite like seeing one of your favourite movies under the stars in an outdoor setting, and Movie Park didn’t disappoint. The 24ft x 13.5ft AIRSCREEN meant that every single car in attendance got a fantastic view of our high quality drive in cinema event.


We’re excited for next months event, which takes place on 28th June and shows the 80’s classic, Top Gun. Get your friends and family together to come and watch Mav and Goose take on Iceman on our 24ft outdoor cinema screen.

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