Movies Dirty Dancing

Believe it or not, Movie Choices play a big roll in creating and debating. therefor, instead of just showing our favourite movies, we’re keen to know what the public would prefer to watch which is why we decided to leave it up to them!


Before every screening we select a handful of proven grates and let the public vote on what they would prefer to watch, this way people are made aware of the events also giving them the chance to interact with us or our clients.

Here are a handful of some of the more Popular movies our customers voted for:

Movies - Baby Driver Movies - Back to the future Rogue1 LaLa LandThe Big Lebowski  Topgun

Theres been some rememberable events in the past but the ones that stand out have to be from the three most popular cult classics……

Mamma Mia Movies - Grease Movies Dirty Dancing

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