Outdoor Cinema Dubai - Urban Entertainment

As the outdoor cinema scene dies down in the UK and the big freeze kicks in, Urban Entertainment Dubai are well and truly under way with what proves to be our busiest year yet. Outdoor Cinema and Dubai are a match made in heaven, with the stunning backdrops and amazing weather all year round plus the added bonus of the early sunset times, its no wonder outdoor cinema in Dubai just works.

Urban Outdoor Cinema run three screenings per week in the stunning gardens of the Habtoor Grande Resort on the ever so popular JBR. The setting is in one of the most popular areas in Dubai and the views/scenery & backdrop are simply stunning. The screenings run from October to April.

Outdoor Cinema Dubai - Urban Entertainment

We’ve had the privilege of working with some of the biggest names / partners in the past, none more so than these guys who Kindly provided us with our brand new Estrella Kombi van serving straight from the tap.


Outdoor Cinema Dubai - Urban Entertainment Outdoor Cinema Dubai - Urban Entertainment

Besides hosting nearly 100 screenings of our own throughout the year, the hire side gets busier each year with the urban calendar looking as busy as it ever has at this time of year, 2019 threatens to be our busiest yet.

Outdoor Cinema Dubai – The Hire Side

When using Urban Entertainment to run your cinema event, you can expect the best in both equipment and service. We use the very best high powered laser projectors, the sound system is more than twice the power required for outdoor cinema and the screen its self is of cinema grade quality to ensure a proper cinematic experience. We provide our hire services to the whole of the UAE and are responsible for the first ever Drive in cinema in Qatar.

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