Urban Entertainment Outdoor Cinema stunning venues

We at Urban Entertainment pride ourselves on carefully selecting the best outdoor cinema locations along with the film to suit to create the perfect cinema experience.

We take product placement very serious along with having the latest and greatest visual and audio equipment, therefore making us the No1 selection for delivering the best package possible.

Our Ethos To Outdoor Cinema

Being in the industry for many years now and watched the scene grow from strength to strength, particularly over the past 3 years has been a Massive advantage for Urban Entertainment and our attention to detail. Outdoor cinema, wether it be open air cinema or a Drive in Cinema has become a very popular way to spend an evening with a loved one, family or a group of friends. which ever category you fit into, our aim is to cater for all!

We constantly monitor our events at every angle and liaise with our clients throughout to ensure we are at the very top of our game, Therefor offering the best venues, best atmosphere, best food and drink offerings and do our upmost to cater for the needs of our clients and customers.

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