Outdoor Cinema - Urban Entertainment

Urban Entertainment have had the privilege of being at the forefront of Outdoor Cinema for several years now, often rising to the challenging requirements this ever changing industry has to offer.

We know better than most just how important it is to do your homework when it comes to setting up in a challenging environment and not to compromise on health and safety for the benefit of presentation/aesthetics.

When It comes to challenging set ups, we have done them all, ranging from inner city set ups with minimal space and nowhere to anchor to, to enclosed indoor spaces with limited height and space which is why each set up provides its own risk assessment and different challengers to overcome.

Our clients always have peace of mind knowing our expertise in this industry is unrivalled, and our high spec Cinema equipment and AIRSCREENS offer the best solution for ANY Outdoor Cinema requirement.

 Outdoor Cinema - Urban Entertainment  Outdoor Cinema - Urban Entertainment Outdoor Cinema - Urban Entertainment

Time lapse of an Urban Outdoor Cinema setup at the Barbican


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