Outdoor Cinema - Bad Weather

Here at Urban Entertainment, we pride ourselves on providing a premium outdoor cinema experience no matter what the weather. It might be wet, cold and miserable but the show must go on!

Christmas time is always a busy period in events, especially from a drive in point of view which seems to be growing year on year.

Outdoor Cinema - Bad Weather Outdoor Cinema - Bad Weather


As well as the Drive In side, Christmas markets provide an ideal setting for a pop up cinema, who wouldn’t want to gather around and watch a festive great like The Snowman surrounded by tinsel & mould wine!?

Outdoor Cinema - Urban Entertainment

Outdoor Cinema No Matter What The Weather

All of our equipment is weatherproof, making the weather conditions expected with a Christmas outdoor cinema irrelevant. our Inflatable Cinema screen is made from commercial grade PVC, making it both waterproof and strong enough to deal with all weather types. Our projector is housed in a customised PVC cube, protecting it from all the elements a Christmas cinema might throw at it. Our AV kit is kept safe in a customised weatherproof outdoor cinema rack mount.

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