Outdoor Cinema - World Cinema Congress - Urban Entertainment

When the IQPC made contact with Urban Entertainment about representing Outdoor Cinema on a panel along side some of the biggest names in the industry, they only needed to ask once.

Outdoor Cinema – World Cinema Congress – Urban Entertainment

Outdoor Cinema - World Cinema Congress - Urban Entertainment Outdoor Cinema - World Cinema Congress - Urban Entertainment

The event took place on the 25th -26th of February at the Maydan hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

We were invited to be part of a VIP Keynote panel at the World Cinema Congress in Dubai highlighting strategies to develop next-gen cinema offering in the GCC.

The key factors to be covered over the two days were:

  • Reimaging the future cinema: Understanding opportunities for movie theatres to meet consumer demands and attract new audiences
  • Revamping the traditional cinema: How cinematic experiences will make your movie theatre the number one attraction
  • Going beyond the big screen: How cinemas are going beyond movies to survive and evolve
  • Marketing the big screen: Effective marketing strategies to make your movie theatre a sell out attraction
  • The new wave of cinemas: Capturing new audiences and changing preferences with a diverse range of content offerings
  • Cutting-edge cinemas: Designing ‘next-gen’ immersive cinema experiences to provide the ultimate visitor experience
  • Developing strategic partnerships and pricing models to boost cinema attendance and enhance customer experience

Because of the experience Urban Entertainment bring to the outdoor cinema scene, we were delighted to be able to share our experiences with others.

World Cinema Congress

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