Secret Cinema - Blade Runner

The eagerly anticipated 2018 offering from Secret Cinema opened its doors on the 21st March and runs until the 10th June.

For those unfortunate not to have experienced one of Secret Cinemas events, imagine you’re inside the movie, with real life actors, playing out the scenes in front of your eyes surrounded by props and scenery replicated to bring the film to life.

The immersive experience this year was none other than one of the most iconic scifi’s of all time, Blade Runner.


Secret Cinema – Blade Runner

Secret Cinema - Blade Runner Secret Cinema - Blade Runner

Timing couldn’t have been better with its recent Blockbuster rerelease by Ridley Scott.

Being in the cinema industry ourselves and working alongside secret cinema in the past makes it a no brainer when it comes to attending their events and this one Exceeded all expectations.

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