Our second of four events at this beautiful location in Southport saw the screening of the Disney classic, The Lion King.




Urban Entertainment recently provided a second outdoor cinema experience of 2015 located at Southport Kings Gardens. May 1st was the night when local Disney fanatics were given the experience of a lifetime by watching The Lion King in the appropriately named venue.

The event was the second of four events scheduled for 2015, we kicked off in April with Night at the Musuem, and will continue with a Grease sing-a-long and Frozen later on in the year. Urban Entertainment’s 24ft x 13.5ft AIRSCREEN was sat on the perfect backdrop of beautiful gardens and a gigantic stunning lake.

kings gardens


The weather was perfect which meant that all in attendance could enjoy their night with nothing on their minds except for how fantastic The Lion King truly is. As all the Disney fanatics enjoyed witnessing Simba growing into the King and coming face to face with his uncle Scar once again.


This is a fantastic event with a great audience who are passionate about the films they watch. The Grease sing-a-long should be a wonderful night and we look forward to welcoming Southport’s locals to the Kings Gardens for yet another brilliant spectacle.

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