About us

Who are we? We’re Urban Entertainment, but mainly we’re experienced outdoor cinema specialists with the assistance from our fully qualified technicians. We think of ourselves as cinema specialists because of our seven years experience in outdoor cinema events, and an unhealthy obsession with late 80s cinema.

We offer the highest quality AIRSCREEN systems for any outdoor cinema event, any drive in cinema event or even a private event. Over the past seven years we’ve worked in a wide variety of situations and have supported clientele such as film studios, large corporate functions, small private events and anything in between.

We’ve seen our industry grow over the past fourteen years and we pride ourselves on quite simply, being the best.

Outdoor Cinema Specialists

Why are we cinema specialists?
Well, we started our journey in 2011. Over the years have expanded our portfolio beyond just cinema. We also have the capability within our Audio/Visual department to offer professional assistance, using the latest technology and products to set up anywhere.

Our wide range of technology and skills means that we have a history of working in a variety of venues. We have experience in parks, stadiums, school halls, car parks, exhibition conventions, by the lake, public gardens and many more. The chances are we’ve experienced what it is that you need.

We’re incredibly proud of the portfolio of work we’ve accomplished, our skills and specialism has meant we’ve worked with some of the largest worldwide companies. These companies include, Dubai Parks & Resorts, Red Bull, Tesco, Sky, MGM, ITV, Network Rail, Marriott, Barbican and Stoke City FC.

We’ve also been able to work with some of the biggest names in outdoor cinema such as Secret Cinema, Luna Cinema, Rooftop Cinema and Nomad Cinema, to name a few.

What do you get when you book us?

Well, you get our passion for film. As well as being at ease with the confidence of the highest quality screen solution you also get every single piece of equipment which is needed to host an event. We manage the site with our team of fully trained, highly experienced technicians and we also assist with film and broadcast licensing. 

Our wide range of Audio/Visual systems include:

  • AIRSCREEN Cinema Screens
  • Specialist HD Projectors
  • DCP Projectors & Servers
  • Highest Quality Projectors by industry leading companies
  • Professional quality Sound systems
  • Sound mixers and Microphones
  • Pro Visual mixers
  • Headphones for silent cinema
  • FM transmitter – film soundtrack via car radio at our Dive In Cinema events.
  • Live Broadcasting equipment
  • Source of entertainment – Blu Ray DVD players, Blu Ray laptops, PS3, Nintendo Wii, Xbox Connect etc.

We pride ourselves on offering the very best equipment available and as a result we ensure that your event will be as enjoyable as you intend.

Our range of products by leading industry companies are second to none and are available to hire and purchase directly from us.

So whatever your needs, contact us to find out how we can help you create the perfect event.

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