Drive in Cinema

As the outdoor cinema industry has continued to grow, we have ensured that our unique drive in cinema format has used cutting edge modern technology to bring a modern feel to the 1950s classic.

In the 1950s, drive in cinema was very different. You would attach a speaker to your window and listen, if you could, to the movie’s audio. Fortunately for you and the entire audience our technology has moved forward, we use an FM transmitter so that the soundtrack is played through the car radio, in stereo.

We use the latest High Definition projectors at all of our events so that any movie we show is crystal clear on the huge inflatable AIRSCREEN cinema screens. What does this mean for you? Quite simple, which is just how we like it, you get to sit back, put your feet up on the dash and enjoy the movie. And just like that you have a 1950s experience without the 1950s technical glitches.

Our pop-up drive-in cinema is so straightforward to set up that we can cater to an event in any location, your experience could be in a park, in a city centre, in a stadium, an airfield or many more.

Drive in Cinema Equipment

You have the choice of three different AIRSCREEN sizes to choose from, so that the screen is  suitable for your own drive in cinema event. We offer some of the largest screens across Europe which vary from:

24ft x 13.5ft AIRSCREEN – upto 100 cars viewing
30ft x 17ft AIRSCREEN – upto 200 cars viewing
40ft x 20ft AIRSCREEN – upto 500 cars viewing

Our other technical equipment and bespoke support which is included in your drive-in cinema event contains:

  • Outdoor Cinema Screens
  • Digital Cinema DLP Projectors
  • High Definition Projectors
  • Pro Visual Switchers
  • FM transmitter for Outdoor Drive in Cinema Events
  • Blu-Ray DVD Players
  • Film Licensing

We’re able to provide screenings for new cinema releases, old classics and everything in between.

Contact our sales team and we’ll help get your drive-in cinema event up on the road.