The meteoric rise of Halloween drive-in cinema events

Halloween drive in cinemas are a phenomenon the generation Z cohort has come to expect each October.

But it wasn’t always this way, especially in the UK.

Go back 20 years and people were more likely to be avoiding trick or treaters in their back room than sitting down to be scared at a Halloween drive-in event.

Here at Urban Entertainment we’ve been seeing a steady increase in the number of spooky film bookings.

Let’s take a closer look at the explosion in popularity of monster movie and freaky film experiences.

When Halloween drive-ins began

Our team has been taking this kind of booking for around eight years.

Due to the time of year when the holiday is celebrated (October 31) a classic drive in experience was found to be the most comfortable option. Nobody wants to be shivering, as well as scared.

The origins of Halloween actually date back to a Gaelic festival called Samhain marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter. So the whole thing did begin on this side of the pond after all.

These days there are hundreds of ways to mark the occasion. They include fancy dress parties and pumpkin picking. But one of the most popular ways to celebrate Halloween is watching a horror movie.

How we celebrate October 31

Forgot the pumpkins and canned screams – it’s all about the 40ft screen!

That is the size of screen we always recommend for events around the weekend of October 31, all the better to see the gore with.

And our unique format with cutting-edge technology ensures a modern feel to the classic drive-in experience.

The beauty of holding Halloween drive in cinema events is that we can even plan in a bumper night with two movies, rather than just one.

That’s because the sun sets a lot earlier in October than at other peak times of year. It goes down as early as 4.37pm once the clocks have gone back for daylight saving time.

Some of the finest events we have been involved with even featured atmospheric fog machines or actors for a fully immersive experience.

Which Halloween drive in cinema film is best?

That’s a great question. The answer depends on the Halloween drive in audience in question.

For younger viewers animated films are proving popular. You could opt for Coraline, which follows the exploits of a young girl as she walks through a secret door in her new home, finding sinister secrets.

Classic Halloween films include Hocus Pocus. The long-awaited sequel Hocus Pocus 2 is set to be released this year, much to the delight of fans. The 1993 original follows a villainous but hilarious trio of witches who have been resurrected from the grave after 300 years.

Scream, The Thing, The Lost Boys and An American Werewolf in London always go down well too. In 2021 we helped host a screening of The Invisible Man which really left the audience on the edge of their seats!

Let us hold your hand…

We are nearly fully booked for Halloween drive in events. Snap up a thrilling spot, and our step-by-step guidance, with us by getting in touch today.