Open air cinema: five films for a phenomenal event

We all know the classic open air cinema films which audiences have watched time after time.

But what if you want to offer something a little bit different yet ideally suited to the outdoor cinema hire experience at your upcoming event?

Look no further. Here is our carefully curated collection of superb movie suggestions to make your event a blockbuster hit, no matter the genre.

Be inspired by the great outdoors

There’s something about being in nature which leads on to thoughts of wanderlust, travel and adventure.
Wild, the 2014 hit starring Reese Witherspoon, contains all of those themes and much more besides.  The film follows young Cheryl Strayed as she embarks on a 1,100-mile Pacific Crest Trail hike completely solo. It is the story of an intrepid bid to overcome the many challenges in her everyday life.
Autobiographical, awe-inspiring and gritty, this movie  leaves audience members both moved and motivated to make the most of their own existence.

Outdoor films for families

Open air cinema events are a memorable occasion for the whole family. Well, when the right film is on offer!
The modern remake of 1990s classic Jumanji is the perfect choice to keep all ages entertained and bums on seats.
This fantastical fantasy comedy follows a crew of teenagers who end up in a game, Jumanji, which is now a video rather than a board game. Chaos, clumsy teamwork and plenty of laughs follow when they try to complete the game and escape.

Real-life drama at the outdoor cinema

For a jaw-dropping real life story, Jungle is hard to beat.
Daniel Radcliffe plays Yossi Ghinsburg, a Israeli traveller who finds himself lost and struggling to survive when a hike into the Amazon rainforest goes wrong. Audiences won’t believe the trials he has to face as he tries to make his way back to civilisation.

Romance – but not as you know it

Watching a film outdoors as the sun slowly sets really is the height of romance. But to give your outdoor cinema event a modern twist, try 500 Days of Summer. This sleeper hit was eventually hailed as one of the best films of 2009.
Rather than following the reliable formula many movies in the same genre rely on, it looks to emotional truth and raw relationship realities. Expect a ‘the-one-who-got-away’ narrative via one man’s memories of a failed coupling.

A thriller made for open air cinema

Not one for the faint-hearted, The Blair Witch Project has been terrifying audiences for more than 15 years. The story of film students who go missing in Maryland woods was ground-breaking at the time. It even made it into the Guinness World Book of Records for the top budget to box office ratio.
Add this supernatural horror epic to an environment which is similar to its creepy woods setting, and you may be about to stage an outdoor cinema combination that people will always remember.

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