Outdoor Cinema 2020 – Urban Entertainment – Hire Us Today

As our 2020 Outdoor Cinema campaign begins and our first events of the year have surpassed, we look forward to what is looking like our busiest year to date. Urban Entertainment are already privileged to be working alongside some of the biggest clients this industry has to offer and with this years additions  2020 will be one to remember.


Why Choose Urban Entertainment

  1. We have the the largest inventory of inflatable cinema screens in the UK
  2. We have a vast array of experience within the industry and were one of the first outdoor cinema companies in the UK
  3. We only use the very best and latest equipment and always over compensate on our events
  4. We take pride in our customer service and do what we can to meet our clients needs
  5. The choice of the professionals (Take a look at our impressive client list)
  6. We offer client support throughout and attend site visits if required to ensure a smooth event day
Outdoor Cinema - Urban Entertainment

To attend one of our events or for more information please visit out Facebook Page