Why outdoor cinema events have a universal appeal – even for dogs

(Image: SWNS)

As outdoor cinema events go – it was pretty paw-some.

Imagine the scene if you can. Some 127 dogs and their owners, all sat together to enjoy the Disney film 101 Dalmations.

It may sound unlikely but this was reality at a recent, and successful World Guinness Record bid.

Here at Urban Entertainment, we thought it was a perfect example of the universal appeal of outdoor cinema events.

Let’s explore this topic.

Why we love outdoor cinema events

Whether it is a drive-in cinema, outdoor cinema or mobile cinema, these kind of events welcome absolutely everyone!

Families can enjoy a day out together even with very young children. Friends have the freedom to dress up as their favourite characters from the movie. And sports fans can enjoy a proper spectatorial atmosphere as they cheer on their team.

Many of the events we work on are held outside. This means organisers have more capacity and the audience has more space to enjoy the fun.

As we can see from the Guinness World Record bid, it is also possible for event organisers who use our expert services to make their event dog friendly too. It is completely up to them.

Location is everything. And our specialists use the very latest technology and products to set up anywhere, whether it be by a lake or in a school hall. We have fully qualified technicians who help us manage your site and provide every piece of kit required.

Making your event stand out

The bespoke nature of outdoor cinema events means organisers can go wild with personalisation. Fancy throwing in some drama with live actors or a light show? Go for it.

If food and drink is key, there’s no limit to the choices available these days. Popcorn, prosecco, pizza or street food from around the world can all be organised with ease.

Some of our favourite events have included extras such as spooky decorations or atmospheric fog, depending on the film.

Then of course, there are the movies. It goes without saying that we are obsessed with films at Urban, and nothing makes us happier than recommending the perfect movie to be screened on one of our highest quality screen solutions. Need help with film and broadcast licensing? No problem. We can provide everything you need from headphones for silent cinemas – an up-and-coming trend for outdoor cinema events – to laser projectors.

Christmas outdoor cinema events

Everyone loves outdoor cinema, and most of us love Christmas! Unless you are The Grinch, those two concepts will be coming together very soon. There are less than 100 days to go until the big celebration and there will be stockings full of events focused around Christmas through December.

Our specialist advisors have more than seven years of experience in the outdoor cinema sector.

We’d love to chat about your ideas for Christmas outdoor cinema events and help make those plans a dream come true.