If you’re looking for outdoor cinema hire UK, look no further!

wether it be:

  • Hosting of an open air cinema
  • Hosting of a drive in cinema
  • Live events
  • Equipment hire
  • A permanent fixture
  • A pop up cinema
  • Advertising
  • Conferencing
  • Private events
  • Commercial events

Regardless of the size of event, we’ll have a package that suits your needs.

We have the largest fleet of screens in the UK With different options to suit different requirements. Front or rear projecting options, several lenses for each of our high powered high ansi lumen projectors. Several options when it comes to audio, wether it be an FM transmission, a silent cinema (wireless headphones), a directional system that won’t wake the neighbours or a high powered system that will wake the neighbours.

Outdoor Cinema Hire UK

Outdoor cinema hire uk Outdoor cinema hire uk

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