Scottish Drive in Cinema Tour – Urban Entertainment

During these dreaded times of uncertainty, one stable area of normality is being able to safely attend events during a tier 3 lockdown, and those events come in the form of a drive in cinema.

Being able to maintain the safety of your household bubble while being part of a major event might sound like an impossible challenge but staying within the confines of your own vehicle ticks all the health and safety boxes.

Urban Entertainment have worked alongsideĀ The Drive-In Cinema during a similar tour in the summer, spending 30 days touring from Glasgow to Inverness stopping at various venues along the way, supplying the wonderful people of Scotland with our services.

Drive In Cinema Hire - Urban Entertainment

Drive In Cinema Hire - Urban EntertainmentThis time out it was a Christmas tour covering the whole of the uk. The Scottish side of the tour started in Glasgow, screening all the Christmas classics – Elf, Home alone, The grinch, Love actually and many more. After Glasgow we travelled the length of Scotland to Inverness where we put on a further 6 days of events, screening two films per day. We finished the Scottish side of the tour in Aberdeen with a further 5 events. The average attendance across all events was 180 cars.

The kit used throughout the tour:

  • 40ft AIRSCREEN (up to 500 cars)
  • 18000 ANSI Lumens Christie projector
  • FM Transmitter (giving you the ability to tune the films audio through your cars radio)