Valentine’s drive-in cinema: A perfect romantic cinema experience

When it comes to Valentine’s drive-in cinema events, you could hire any old outdoor cinema. You could keep it basic with any vaguely romantic film and throw in a heart or two for minimal effort. But that would be a big mistake, big. HUGE.

Here we reveal the actual recipe for Valentine’s drive-in success:

Saturday night at the movies

Cinemas have always been a popular place to head on a date, especially drive-in ones. So combining Valentine’s Day with a classic movie experience is a match made in heaven.

But one of the most important elements you need to consider when hosting a drive-in around February 14 is which film should you choose to show? Treading the fine line between romantic but not cheesy can be problematic.

Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere

Pretty Woman, the 1990 American romantic comedy, is one of the most popular selections made by our customers even 30 years after it was made. And with good reason. Not only does it have some cracking quotes – as per our introduction – but it blends comedy with richard mille 1 to 1 replica imperfect romance plus Julia Roberts. It’s the film that made her a global star, after all.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel in 500 days of summer

We also rate (500) Days of Summer as another solid option.
This offbeat romantic comedy from 2009 follows a love affair doomed to fail from the start in a realistic depiction of real life relationships. But there are some hopeful parts too (promise!)

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams from The Notebook

Finally, there’s The Notebook from 2004.  One for hopeless romantics, it charts the lifelong relationship of a couple separated by class and social expectations as they fight to be together. Pack some tissues for that one, because the audience is going to need them.

When words are inadequate, there’s food

A veritable feast of food products are associated with love, from strawberries to truffles and even oysters.
Drive-in cinema events these days also love to offer audience members a variety of dining options.

Why not consider Valentine’s specials such as heart-shaped stone-baked pizza, pop-up Prosecco stalls or a special flavour of popcorn for couples to share?

We can recommend some of the best street food specialists for your event, too.

2 Pizzas from Urban Pizza

The finest quality Valentine’s drive-in

High-definition projectors, the latest audio technology and top-quality AIRSCREEN cinema screens.
They come as standard at our drive in events, as does our team of experts.

We’ve been doing this for years – longer than most Tinder relationships last – so you can trust us to get it right.
In the past we’ve hosted events in all kinds of locations, from parks to beaches and city centres to festivals.

And depending on the size of the screen you choose, you can cater for up to 100 cars viewing, up to 200 or even up to 500 cars at one time.

Event planners with a Valentine’s drive-in cinema event in mind can snap up an exclusive discount from us, if they act fast.
The first 20 bookings we receive quoting EARLY BIRD will receive 10 per cent off their 2023 hire costs.
Take advantage by reaching out to our outdoor cinema experts today.