Best outdoor cinema hire – how we delivered an event in five days

Only the best outdoor cinema hire company could have done it.

A recent assignment challenged Urban Entertainment to help stage an outdoor cinema event against the stunning backdrop of The Bishop’s Palace, in Somerset.

No big deal, you might think. That is, until we discovered the event was in just five days’ time. Here’s how we delivered it successfully.

The challenge

As the best outdoor cinema hire events go, this one was right up there with the finest.

The setting of The Bishop’s Palace and Gardens in Wells, Somerset, is absolutely stunning.

This historic site, on which construction started around 1206, is a heritage visitor attraction and the location for many eclectic events.
Their events range from art exhibitions to drumming workshops and include many open air performances of opera, theatre and film.

As for the film choice, it was the classic Abba singalong hit Mamma Mia! – a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. That crowd was expected to total around 400 people on the last Friday in April.

The timing couldn’t have been any better. Not only was the outdoor cinema event going to kick off a long bank holiday weekend, but it was also due to maximise the laterĀ sunset times we are experiencing.

While August and September are the peak times to host an outdoor cinema, spring and early summer work well too.

Waiting for natural light to leave the sky ensures the best quality screening, and milder temperatures help make the experience more enjoyable too.

The only challenge was we needed to act fast – and be able to facilitate the event in less than a week.

Our outdoor cinema hire solution

Urban’s experts were enthusiastic about this fantastic event, and jumped into action to make it happen.

First, we made sure to lock down one of our 30 feet AIRSCREEN inflatable screens especially for the event. Technology used in these screens is the very latest available, making them the leader in the field.

Then it was time to put together a support team. The wide appeal of this event, organised by the family run independent cinema Wells Film Centre, meant we all wanted to go!

Eventually staff had been shuffled around and the experts were lined up. Everyone was ready to use their technical proficiency and passion for film.

There was a hefty pile of last-minute paperwork and processes to sort too before the screening could go ahead as planned. But that was tackled and the team headed off on the four-hour journey to Somerset.

We helped set up the screen and test every aspect of an outdoor cinema hire event – the audio, position of the screen and seating. At such an attractive setting, sunsets are spectacular and we wanted to make the most of the location.

Then it was showtime. The drawbridge to The Bishop’s Palace came down at 6.30pm and the film began just after 8pm.

It was a brilliant evening, and as a result of our very own Souper Troupers’ hard work, the audience had the best Friday evening.

They even enjoyed a hog roast and a goodie bag to take home.

Book the best outdoor cinema hire experts

If this run-down from our triumph in Somerset has whet your appetite, we’d love to tell you more.

There’s a vast range of services we can provide to make sure your outdoor cinema event happens seamlessly. That includes everything from selecting an appropriate film to recommending street food.

We’ve worked on silent cinema events, international outdoor cinemas and at every location you can imagine: from festivals to beaches, parks and rooftops.

Spring and summer are our busiest times of year.

And so we recommend booking in with us quickly to ensure we can make your outdoor cinema event an absolute triumph too.