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Picture a day on the beach, soaking up the sun and then settling down in the evening to watch one of your beloved films on the same spot.

Urban Entertainment - TESLA - Drive In Cinema

Drive In Cinema With Urban Entertainment And TESLA

When the biggest electric car manufacturer comes knocking requesting the services of the No1 Drive in Cinema company to put on a show for the UK side of their European tour, there was only ever going to be one outcome…….. the largest screens, the best equipment and the full package when it comes to a classic Drive in Cinema vibe.

We were asked to provide a classic drive in experience for a packed Drive in Cinema event based at the Trafford centre, Manchester. The event was hosted by TESLA and was part of a European tour, calling at Germany, Spain, France and culminating in Manchester England. There was a number of TESLA cars on display for the general public to enjoy and demo with the model X being the star of the show and wowing the people of Manchester with its dance moves. Food and merchandise was also available to purchase throughout the event.

The main feature of the event was obviously the film LIFE, tying in nicely with TESLA’s sister company space x.

Here is a list of all the kit that we supplied

  • Christie HS series laser projector
  • top of the range AV kit including 4K media players and seamless switching devices
  • 100 Top of the range wireless headsets
  • 100 south sea deckchairs

Frive in cinema tesla deckchairs

In front of the cars which were managed by the parking Marshalls were 100 deckchairs for the public to enjoy the film right in front of the huge 40ft AIRSCREEN, listening through the top of the range crisp sounding provided wireless headsets.

Drive in cinema with urban entertainment and Tesla

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World Cup Outdoor Cinema Hire - Urban Entertainment

Outdoor cinema company scores World Cup fan zone triumph

You could say we are the dream team outdoor cinema company. Working on events covering the most prestigious association football tournament on the planet is always exciting. But to do it so close to the action of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is quite another thing.

Our experts at Urban Entertainment were called upon to create a fan park that would capture all of the excitement on a big screen. And boy did we hit the back of the net…

couple holding hands at valentine's day drive-in cinema

Valentine’s drive-in cinema: A perfect romantic cinema experience

When it comes to Valentine’s drive-in cinema events, you could hire any old outdoor cinema. You could keep it basic with any vaguely romantic film and throw in a heart or two for minimal effort. But that would be a big mistake, big. HUGE.

Here we reveal the actual recipe for Valentine’s drive-in success:

World Cup Outdoor Cinema Hire - Urban Entertainment

Outdoor cinema experts expecting huge demand in 2023

Outdoor cinema experts are gearing up for a new year of exciting opportunities.

We’re also looking back on what a busy 12 months it has been.

As we reflect and plan for 2023, we also launch here an exclusive discount on offer only for quick-to-act customers.


Drive in cinema hire – 90 years of a classic movie experience

Drive in cinema hire has seen a boom in popularity in recent years.

The concept has taken off across the world and enjoyed a revival especially following the Covid-19 pandemic as an open air socialising option. These days drive in cinemas such as those hosted with Urban Entertainment are slick operations.

But where did it all begin and why?

Christmas Outdoor Cinema Hire

Seven alternative Christmas movies from the outdoor cinema experts

Alternative Christmas movies aren’t just beloved by Scrooge.
Not everyone wants their favourite seasonal films to be gift wrapped, dipped in yoghurt and covered in chocolate buttons a la Love Actually.
Some of us need our festive message to be a little bit out there and unconventional. Here’s our top seven, as chosen by an outdoor cinema company with years of experience in Christmas film events.