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Christmas Outdoor Cinema Hire

Seven alternative Christmas movies from the outdoor cinema experts

Alternative Christmas movies aren’t just beloved by Scrooge.
Not everyone wants their favourite seasonal films to be gift wrapped, dipped in yoghurt and covered in chocolate buttons a la Love Actually.
Some of us need our festive message to be a little bit out there and unconventional. Here’s our top seven, as chosen by an outdoor cinema company with years of experience in Christmas film events.


Christmas outdoor cinema hire is a global sensation

Christmas outdoor cinema hire events are one of the finest ways to get in the Yuletide mood. And that applies no matter where you are in the world.

How do we know? Because Urban Entertainment is behind the scenes bringing these occasions to life with years of expertise and a big dollop of festive spirit to boot.

halloween outdoor cinema hire events

The best Halloween outdoor cinema movie is revealed

Heading to a Halloween outdoor cinema event this month?

Of course you are. Any movie fan knows this is a ghoulishly great time of year to enjoy horror movies on the big screen.

But debate rages on as to which film is the absolute finest for October 31. Here we lift the lid on our cream of the crop at Urban Entertainment.

Dalmations record breaking outdoor cinema event

(Image: SWNS)

Why outdoor cinema events have a universal appeal – even for dogs

As outdoor cinema events go – it was pretty paw-some.

Imagine the scene if you can. Some 127 dogs and their owners, all sat together to enjoy the Disney film 101 Dalmations.

It may sound unlikely but this was reality at a recent, and successful World Guinness Record bid.

Here at Urban Entertainment, we thought it was a perfect example of the universal appeal of outdoor cinema events.

Let’s explore this topic.


Outdoor cinema expert reveals why we love scary movies

Any outdoor cinema expert knows that one horror film is simply legendary in the genre.
It dates back to 1978 and inspired a legion of slashers for years – nah, decades – to come.

coraline cartoon wallpaper preview

The meteoric rise of Halloween drive-in cinema events

Halloween drive in cinemas are a phenomenon the generation Z cohort has come to expect each October.

But it wasn’t always this way, especially in the UK.

sunset at a Pop-up Cinema event by Urban Entertainment

The best outdoor cinema UK events this summer

Outdoor cinema UK events. Oh, there must be hundreds of them this summer!

A quick search online will reveal a gargantuan variety of screenings, festivals and fairs featuring outdoor movies out there. So when it comes to booking, it can be really tricky to select just one.

That’s why the team at Urban Entertainment has pulled together our top three recommendations for the best outdoor cinema UK events coming up in the next few weeks.

Now you can sit back, relax and book knowing an incredible experience is definitely on the cards…

Outdoor Cinema Hire screen with deckchairs

Summer outdoor cinema events – the critical factor to consider

Summer outdoor cinema. A fun event showing a classic movie. The warmth of summer on your face. And a cool drink in your hand.

Yes, life doesn’t get much better than peak summer outdoor cinema season, which starts this month at long last. We’ve got the popcorn ready!

But just why are August and September the very best times to host this kind of event? Let’s find out together.


Outdoor Cinema Hire Event - Top Five Films

Open air cinema: five films for a phenomenal event

We all know the classic open air cinema films which audiences have watched time after time.

But what if you want to offer something a little bit different yet ideally suited to the outdoor cinema hire experience at your upcoming event?

Look no further. Here is our carefully curated collection of superb movie suggestions to make your event a blockbuster hit, no matter the genre.

Outdoor Cinema Hire event in Dubai park

Outdoor cinema hire UK: secrets to movie quality

Cinema quality movie experiences – no matter the location.
That one sentence summarises the outdoor cinema hire services of Urban Entertainment.
Our company was a pioneer in the then niche industry when it was launched all the back in 2011. Now while there are many other competitors out there in 2022, we stand head and shoulders above.
That’s because of an unwavering commitment to premium quality, the latest technology and excellent customer service from start to finish.


What makes us an all-round Outdoor Cinema Supplier?

Organising an outdoor cinema can be overwhelming and confusing for some venues. Many suppliers will rock up with a basic kit and leave it at that.

When it comes to our outdoor cinema hire kit, we pride ourselves on being one step ahead of our competitors as an outdoor cinema hire company. We do this by ensuring we have the very latest technology to offer and evolve within this ever-changing industry that is outdoor cinema.

shakespeare holding a skull

Movies you might not know were based on Shakespeare

Of course, Shakespeare is renowned as one of Britain’s finest minds; many of his plays are still treading the boards around the world today. But did you know that so many movies take inspiration from his famous stories? Here we look at a few classics, all favourites for the outdoor cinema, that have undergone a modern makeover.